APHL Wants to Build Central Server for COVID-19 Data

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The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) wants to build and host a national server to hold data collected from exposure notification apps. It’s partnering with Apple, Google, and Microsoft to do so.

Rather than each state and territorial public health agency bearing the burden of building and hosting its own key servers, a national server can securely host the keys of those affected users, eliminate duplication and enable notifications across state borders. APHL is also championing the effort to build and host a national key server on behalf of the public health community. This will allow users to continually benefit from exposure notifications as they travel across state lines, and help state and territorial agencies deploy their apps quickly.

Just two days ago, Trump removed control of public COVID-19 data from the CDC, and now someone wants to build a national server? What could go wrong?

Check It Out: APHL Wants to Build Central Server for COVID-19 Data

One thought on “APHL Wants to Build Central Server for COVID-19 Data

  • As you said “What could possibly go wrong.”
    The whole POINT of the Apple/Google system was that there was no central repository to hack. No single point of failure that could be hacked, or subpoenaed. This single SUGGESTION will reduce the willingness of people to use the contact tracing app, built from the A/G API. If it is built the adoption will be so low as to make the system useless.

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