Rare Apple-1 Set to go For High Price at Auction

Apple-1 auction

On May 16, a rare Apple-1 will be put up for an online-only auction run by prestigious British auctioneers, Christies. AppleInsider reported that it could fetch as much as $630,000.

An interesting example, Apple-1 motherboardĀ serial number 01-0053 is housed in the bottom section of a briefcase, hidden by a makeshift aluminum control panel featuring a Datanetics keyboard. Built by hand in 1976, the board is thought to be among an original batch of Apple-1 units sold through Mountain View, Calif., computer store Byte Shop. It sports a white ceramic MOS Technologies 6502 microprocessor, selected by Steve Wozniak to power Apple’s first computer, as well as 8K bytes RAM split between two 4K chips and two original Triad power supply modules.

Check It Out: Rare Apple-1 Set to go For High Price at Auction

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