Apple and Nvidia’s Relationship Seems to Be Over


It seems that Apple and Nvidia are about to break up for good. Gizmodo noticed in the release note that the latest update of Nvidia’s CUDA platform will be the last to support running and developing applications on macOS.

That means all future versions of CUDA will lack support for Apple devices, which could leave a decent share of the pro community, as well as the hackintosh community, without support for the most popular discrete GPUs being made at the moment. So what is CUDA and why does this mean END TIMES for the relationship between the two companies? CUDA is an Nvidia specific parallel computing platform that lets programs take better advantage of Nvidia’s hardware. This tends to result in better performance in programs like Adobe’s Premiere and AfterEffects and can even result in better performance in some games, like Just Cause 2. The GPUs of Nvidia’s rival, AMD, can’t support CUDA, which has led to some video professionals relying on the macOS platform to grumble over Apple’s long-term reliance on AMD GPUs.

Check It Out: Apple and Nvidia’s Relationship Seems to Be Over

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