The Story of Apple’s Aperture: Rise and Fall

Apple Aperture

Apple’s macOS photography app, Aperture, had a storied and difficult past. Over at MacStories, author Stephen Hackett, recounts the history of this troubled app, its rise and fall. We tend to think of Apple’s wealth as enabling guaranteed success, but, in the end, apps are built and nurtured by human beings in competition with other companies. This is a well-told story.

Check It Out: The Story of Apple’s Aperture: Rise and Fall

7 thoughts on “The Story of Apple’s Aperture: Rise and Fall

  • Coolest thing about photos though is that now I could use it for management which other software may not be quite as good at….. And I learned a few months ago that I can use other software to do my RAW edits… such as Capture 1.

    I have to man-handle my sprawling photo collection over the fall and then see if I can come to some sort of workable solution. For now I have not been doing much of anything except waiting until I can wrangle my colossal photo collection into something much easier to manage and work with.

    1. Apparently within photos I can setup a call to load Capture 1 for all RAW editing and photo manipulation.

      That would be kind of nice I think…. a dedicated professional editing machine via Photos with its cloud backup and such.
      Potentially not too terrible, but I will have to try it out.

  • is the pits. iPhoto was better and it was not bag of sunshine. is not quite bad, but that I draw on it to compare should be damning.

  • Well we know Aperture 4 existed, from an Apple employee that mentioned it at one of the trade shows. He was really excited about it but I guess just like Final Cut Pro 8, management wasn’t. So they axed it.

    I still use Aperture for all my photos. Nothing else comes close. Still looking for a replacement with none in sight yet.

  • It seems to me Aperture’s Fall was all on Apple deciding to quit supporting it and upgrading it.
    Aperture would be alive and well today if they had kept the app alive and upgrading.

    I know I would have kept using it.
    I switched to Capture 1 for a hefty price, but am still waiting to parse down my 55k+ photo collection in Aperture before I port my old library over…. time time time.

    I would still be using Aperture if Apple hadn’t quit on me.

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