Apple Killing AR Glasses and ‘Product Design Troubles’

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A report from Digitimes has been making the rounds, claiming that Apple killed its AR glasses project. Jesus Diaz thinks that it speaks to Apple’s “product design troubles.”

The report came yesterday from Digitimes, which has a mixed track record through its sources in component and manufacturing companies. It contradicts Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who in March claimed that supply sources confirmed that Apple may start producing AR glasses as soon as the end of 2019.

I want Apple Glasses to succeed, so I hope the report isn’t true. If Apple can pull off AR glasses that actually look like glasses, it would definitely be, to quote Steve Jobs, magical. I don’t think Apple is killing the headset entirely, but they might be setting it aside for now, like they did with the HomePod.

Check It Out: Apple Killing AR Glasses and ‘Product Design Troubles’

2 thoughts on “Apple Killing AR Glasses and ‘Product Design Troubles’

  • It’s Digitimes. If Digitimes said it was sunny, I’d take an umbrella. Saying Digitimes has a “mixed track record” is like saying Darth Vader has trouble making friends. Now it is possible that Apple is giving ip on Glasses and AR but I think it very unlikely. Much more likely is that Apple pushed back release. Digitimes saw that Apple decided to not order components and reserve a slot on the assembly lines and jumped to the worst possible explanation. That would be typical Digitimes reporting.

  • LOL Said it before – Apple became a toy company that can make some phones,- no presence in AR, AI, EVs, Smart Devices, transport – nothing. Services? Who cares. Laptops? See class action lawsuits. The poor watch never became a thing. Thankfully they make phones with the help of the Govt sanctions against 5g competitors like Huewei.

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