Apple Permanently Bans Infowars App from App Store

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Apple removed Alex Jones’ Infowars podcasts from iTunes listings about a month ago, and now the iPhone and Mac maker has permanently banned the Infowars app from its App Store. Apple told Buzzfeed the app violates its App Store review guidelines. Buzzfeed said,

Infowars’ app, which allowed users to read Infowars articles, shop, and livestream all of Jones’ programming 24 hours a day, served as a window into the incendiary conspiratorial content that led to the outlet’s ban from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter.

Considering the Infowars app acted as a conduit to the same content that got the podcasts delisted, it seemed like only a matter of time before the app was blocked, too.

Check It Out: Apple Permanently Bans Infowars App from App Store

One thought on “Apple Permanently Bans Infowars App from App Store

  • LOL Well I have been watching InfoWars since the banning of the Podcasts and the content hasn’t changed at all. So I find it funny that Apple refused to ban it before and said that the app didn’t violate their app guidelines but now, all of a sudden, it does. And Apple only did it after Twitter banned Alex and then banned the WarRoom show’s twitter account, as soon as Alex came on the show (which Alex is the boss anyway) to talk about the banning. Timed within minutes or less of Alex going live on the WarRoom!! They seem to really hate Alex Jones. He is target number 1. Talk about being monitored by Twitter and company.

    So as of now The Real News with David Knight is the only InfoWars show to survive on Twitter and Apple. But he is moving to the other alternative social media platforms anyway. At least I have Real.Video now to watch the clips I want to watch, so it doesn’t matter whether they ban them off of Google (their Google app is next for sure), Twitter, Apple, Facebook etc. There are lots of better alternatives that don’t suppress free speech and people are moving. And where the people move the money moves. Traffic is going way up at places like Gab, Minds, Real.Video, BitChute, and others.

    This whole thing is a setup and if anyone says otherwise, they seriously have not done much investigating into this whole thing against Alex Jones and InfoWars. A whole stack of conservative speaking people have been banned by the same overlords, even liberals are getting banned now. If this keeps up, soon free speech will be a memory in the mirror of time.

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