Apple is a Beacon in a Silicon Valley of the Dead

Writing for Bloomberg, Leonid Bershidsky writes that Apple is “the perfect tech company for this day and age, an example to the rest of Silicon Valley.”

Because this is a time when Amazon is pushing innovations that don’t solve any real-world problems but may create some… This is a time when Google is trying to subvert new privacy regulations to turn them against content producers. A time when Facebook, blasted by media and regulators for ignoring people’s privacy concerns, starts a dating service which will collect people’s most intimate data.

Apple certainly has had its share of issues. But they are issues related to its products, not societal issues. We don’t have to worry any time soon about Apple creating mass surveillance facial recognition systems, advertising systems that belittle media and treat people like products, or secretly track them.

Check It Out: Apple is a Beacon in a Silicon Valley of the Dead

2 thoughts on “Apple is a Beacon in a Silicon Valley of the Dead

  • Are you kidding me? What a desperate spin this nonsense is!!! Silicon Valley is known for cutting edge tech with a nod towards the future of which the Vanguard is led by companies like Google, Amazon and Tesla – NOT General Mills Corn Flakes commodities like what Apple finally achieved with ONE LINE of iOS products. And still after all that – Apple doesn’t have the majority of market share – not even close. Where is any Apple vision that hasn’t been realized when Jobs was alive a decade ago?? Music is STILL a mess; Apple has NO smart assistant and horrible voice i/o. Where’s the R & D in battery tech? Why is Apple still beholden to Samsung (own 90% OLED mkt) and Logitech, Toshiba and other 3rd pty vendors? Why isn’t everything made in house like Tesla? Is Apple putting their obscene profits over American jobs? If sensors are the future – where is Apple in designing a state of the art sensor suite for everything from autonomous cars to every and anything that “plugs in”? I always wanted Apple to succeed – but only to exist in the face of the Big Blue – not to become a boring Big Blue not unlike Kellogg’s and their Cornflakes. I’m sorry, but not only is Apple not solving any real world problems but they are asleep at the wheel of innovation and all your harping on Amazon and Google won’t change the fact that literally those two co.s changed the world and continue to think about the future as opposed to General Mill’s and their iPhones.

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