Are Thousand Dollar Smartphones the New Normal?

Vlad Savov writes that thousand dollar smartphones are the new normal.

Three or four years ago, anyone proposing a four-figure price for a phone would have been laughed out of their boardroom meeting. Two years ago, if I’d told you Apple would be successfully selling a phone with a notch in its screen but no headphone jack, at a price of $999, you’d have shaken your head and accused me of wilder wishful thinking than Gene Munster’s Apple TV pipe dream.

This is a nonsensical argument. Smartphones have been around US$1000 for years now. Including tax my iPhone 7 Plus bill was around US$950. I bought it unlocked, and it wasn’t subsidized through a carrier like Vlad has gotten used to. Nothing has changed except the way carriers have split up the cost on contracts.

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One thought on “Are Thousand Dollar Smartphones the New Normal?

  • A very good point. I once totaled up the cost of a subsidized phone here in Canada. By the time you reached the end of your contract you had paid for the phone about two and a half times. Now at the time a phone cost $400-$500. So over the life of the contract you were paying, will you look at that, $1000-$1250 for the phone. One I might add thastn was VASTLY inferior to the X, or even the 7.

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