Google launched its latest smartphones, the Pixel 4, the other day. Its event did not quite capture the imagination in the way Apple’s iPhone events do. However, argues Rene Ritchie at iMore, Apple could still learn a thing or two from Google.

It was like watching Game of Thrones Season 8, offering them more episodes, begging them for more episodes, and just watching them mic drop and end it.. like that. Anyway. The products and technology that did manage to somehow sneak out on stage was so good, that it almost makes up for the obvious lack of planning and organization that went into the event, and the extreme disrespect shown the audience, both live and streaming. Almost.

Check It Out: Apple Could Still Learn From Google, Even if The Pixel 4 Event Was Terrible

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  1. geoduck

    The article was good for as long as it went on, and then after a paragraph about SIRI it just ended. No conclusion, no wrap up, no That’s All Folks. Just ended. It really felt like there were three or four more paragraphs but his editor said “nope, too long, cut 175 words”.
    A literary mic drop, ironic because he literally opened by criticizing Google for doing the same thing.

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