iLounge writes: “According to The verifier, it is rumored that the company will reportedly drop support for several iPhones including iPads.” This article has the list. The bad news? None of the previous iPad minis (1-4) make the cut.

Check It Out: Tentative List: Apple Devices Not Supported in iOS 13

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  1. Paul Goodwin

    If this is true, it’s really bad. My iPad Air 2 is only 2.5 yrs old and I paid $600 for it. My iPhone SE is only 2 yrs old and I paid $400.

    These devices aren’t anywhere near obsolete in terms of performance and capability. This is ridiculous of Apple if it’s really true.

    I sent Apple product feedback on both devices. I suggest everyone does.

  2. geoduck

    Well it looks like I might be updating the SE, next year. I have no problem having a device that’s one year out on the updates.

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