Apple Gets Low Marks on Trust From Survey Respondents

A new survey makes grim reading for tech giants. It found that users gave a number of firms, including Apple, low marks when asked whether they trust them.  Interestingly, Amazon came out on top, Cult of Mac reported. It looks like Tim Cook’s privacy message is not quite getting through yet.

All seven of the tech giants mentioned in a YouGov survey received jarringly negative results from an undisclosed number of respondents from the U.S. and United Kingdom. The survey, sponsored by Tresorit, which offers encrypted file sharing, shows Amazon as most trusted, but with just 28 percent. Microsoft was second with 24 percent, Apple was third with 22 percent, Facebook and Google each had 13 percent, while Dropbox and Instagram were at the bottom with single digits.

Check It Out: Apple Gets Low Marks on Trust From Survey Respondents

4 thoughts on “Apple Gets Low Marks on Trust From Survey Respondents

  • LOL. Ranks right up there with other most-flawed surveys – like the one that predicted Donald Trump would lose the election. If an article doesn’t go into great detail showing who was polled, and exactly what they were asked, the survey is worthless.

  • Microsoft comes out in front of Apple !!! I knew Apple lost their mojo years ago but this??? Foxconn group being 6th most HATED co. in the world doesn’t help. Of course people are tired of Apple and their LIES. When you tell a customer their private priceless pictures and all data are lost forever after you dunked your iPhone/laptop in the toilet which is a LIE you can easily research on the Web – that’s instant loss of credibility. Add in the lousy dongles and bespoke for no reason adapters and the whole sandbox and what do you expect? Kids aren’t stupid as Apple seems to think they are. Hey, howz that Titan project going btw? 🚗

  • When you run into results that are so out of alignment with not only general understanding, but mother surveys on the same subject, you question the source. I’m not buying this.

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