Apple has hired designer Andrew Kim. Mr. Kim first got traction back in 2012 for creating a design language for Microsoft as an experiment.

His LinkedIn profile says that he joined the company in December of this year, while his Instagram confirms that his first day working at Apple Park was last Tuesday. Along with the recent news of Tesla’s chief vehicle engineer returning to Apple, Kim’s move will certainly stoke speculation that Apple is once again working on an actual car.

While his hiring is certainly interesting, I personally don’t see this as evidence of Apple’s car project, at least not a consumer car. I think the project was for their fleet of Apple Maps vehicles.

Check It Out: Apple Hires Former Tesla Designer Andrew Kim, Probably Not for an Apple Car

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  1. CudaBoy

    You guys still talking about an Apple Car???? Buwahaaaaaa!!!! Stick a fork in it – it’s not rocket science, just ask Elon. The day Apple can make an iPhone that isn’t obsolete a year later – then I’ll believe they could make a car. Not.

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