Apple’s Relationship with Intel Could Delay 5G iPhone

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Apple is planning to release a 5G iPhone in September 2020. However, its somewhat deteriorating relationship with chipmaker Intel is putting that at risk. Fast Company looked into the situation, and why Intel could decide Apple’s business is just not worth it.

In order to deliver big numbers of those modems in time for a September 2020 iPhone launch, Intel needs to deliver sample parts to Apple by early summer of this year, and then deliver a finished modem design in early 2020. Intel said in November that it expected to ship the 8160 5G modem in the second half of 2019. The company, responding to this story, pointed me to that same statement. “As we said in November 2018, Intel plans to support customer device launches in 2020 with its XMM 8160 5G multimode modem,” a company representative said in an email late Wednesday.

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One thought on “Apple’s Relationship with Intel Could Delay 5G iPhone

  • It sure does seem like the best solution to this is for Qualcomm and Apple to bury the hatchet for at least the 2020 iPhone or however long it takes Apple to get their own modem ready for prime time. But dudes and their pride.

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