Apple TV+ is unlike any other product the company has released before. However, as Jason Snell pointed out on MacWorld, it knows about branding better than almost anyone, and that could give it a fighting chance of succeeding. There can be an ethos that underscores the new content. My colleague John Martellaro made a similar point when he wrote about the underlying values that came through at the ‘It’s Show Time’ event Monday.

Apple does bring its brand along with it, and that can help inform the feel of the content Apple produces. Apple’s self-image, as seen through its commercials and promotional videos, is optimistic and bright and creative. The lengthy scripted portion of the Apple TV+ roll-out hit a lot of the same points, and while it’s safe to say that I never need to hear the word “storytelling” again, I think Apple was trying to establish an ethos and style for what an Apple TV+ show represents.

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