The Reasons Why Apple Should Buy TikTok

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TikTok has been the focus of much political attention recently due its base in China and allegations (which it denies,) of data sharing with the Chinese state. The video-sharing app has said it will move its HQ, but it could even be bought by a U.S. firm. Music Business Worldwide offered a number of reasons why that company could, and maybe should, be Apple.

TikTok’s global addictive appeal is no accident. The app’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and powerful recommendation algorithms are key factors behind the 68 billion hours spent by its users in the app last year. Case in point: respected investor and tech industry commentator Connie Chan recently wrote a piece in which she called TikTok “the first mainstream consumer app where artificial intelligence is the product”… In an increasingly competitive music streaming market, with Apple Music’s primary rival Spotify known for excelling in content recommendation, TikTok’s AI baked into the the Apple Music ecosystem could be Spotify’s kryptonite.

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One thought on “The Reasons Why Apple Should Buy TikTok

  • Charlotte:

    Interesting proposition. Given TikTok’s intrusive behaviour (hoovering multiple metrics in user data), Apple would need to perform major reconstructive surgery on the app. If those behaviours are essential the app’s consumer performance without which it is broken (highly unlikely, but theoretically plausible on the grounds of AI performance), then Apple would only be purchasing it to do a righteous kill. Not worth it, if not fixable.

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