Apple Sued Because Two-Factor Authentication is Too Inconvenient

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Apple is being sued because two-factor authentication is too disruptive, takes too much time, and can’t be turned off after two weeks.

The suit, filed by Jay Brodsky in California alleges that Apple doesn’t get user consent to enable two-factor authentication. Furthermore, once enabled, two-factor authentication “imposes an extraneous logging in procedure that requires a user to both remember password; and have access to a trusted device or trusted phone number” when a device is enabled.

It’s only Monday and this is already the dumbest thing I’ve read this week.

Check It Out: Apple Sued Because Two-Factor Authentication is Too Inconvenient

6 thoughts on “Apple Sued Because Two-Factor Authentication is Too Inconvenient

  • …And in other news, a local locksmith was sued today for damages, pain and anguish for installing locks that required customers to actually use physical keys to unlock their doors, and all the trauma associated with time lost searching pockets and purses and back pain from lugging keys to and fro…

  • Isn’t that the POINT of 2FA? To make logging in more difficult to keep out the bad guys?
    What’s next, suing because door locks impose an unacceptable burden?
    The door on the microwave is too inconvenient so we should have the option of running with it open?
    Seatbelts make exiting after an accident too difficult?
    It’s suits like this that are the reason lawyers are held in such low regard.

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