A History of Apple’s Technology Transitions

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Martin Pilkington wrote a long blog post detailing Apple’s technology transitions over the years. These are the big, fundamental changes, like going from Motorola 68k to PowerPC in 1994. In fact, the transitions are put into two categories: CPUs and APIs. It’s a great read about Apple’s history.

A lot of the controversy comes down to people not understanding the how or the why of these transitions, and why Apple ultimately drops the old technology. So I thought it would be useful to explore Apple’s history of transitions and try to explain some of the reasons for this latest one in a way everyone can understand.

Check It Out: A History of Apple’s Technology Transitions

One thought on “A History of Apple’s Technology Transitions

  • Apple never gave the same value per dollar as Intel PCs did and do. Apple used to tout the superiority of the PowerPC RISC chip over the more common CISC chip (reduced v complex instruction set) only to make themselves and us look foolish when they switched to the “inferior” (not) Intel CISC chips to this day. Nice spin though. “people don’t understand” – they shouldn’t HAVE to understand number one, and number two Apple is lucky their base (as opposed to the few actual Apple Computing nerds left) are basically drones and “don’t understand”. ⏚

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