Apple TV 4K is Glorious, Underrated and Essential

Apple TV 4K.

At Mashable, Chris Taylor writes: “Which of the trillion-dollar company’s beautifully-designed devices would a jaded Apple fanboy like me most miss, if I was forced to switch to competing products?” The author goes on to describe the many features, engineering design decisions, freedom from imposed ads and user interface of the Apple TV 4K. It’s one of the best articles I’ve seen that makes the iron-clad case for this wonderful product from Apple.

Check It Out: Apple TV 4K is Glorious, Underrated and Essential

4 thoughts on “Apple TV 4K is Glorious, Underrated and Essential

  • I’m still using an ATV3, attached to a 4K TV [Sony 2015 model], it too controls the TV better than ANY attached Sony device, it just works.

    What also works is the Sony remote [usefully bigger so easier to find], hit stop, pause. Ours shut off last night, dutifully turning the TV and the Sony soundbar off.

    And yes, even from an ATV3, the screensavers are ABSOLUTELY captivating. So I need to save up for a 4K version.. but that cannot be the ONLY reason :-(, surely?

  • Sad day when the most cutting edge brilliant thing Apple has ever done is related to TV first, and second is nothing but a remote on steroids. It says more about the sad state of humanity on this planet especially in the USA. Stay dumb, kids.

  • I love my ATV4K. Simply has made my limited TV viewing life a whole lot better. A true Joy.

    I recently hooked up my old ATV3…. nice but much more problematic to navigate. Still works surprisingly, but it is much more stodgy and difficult to navigate.

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