Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue store in New York closed nearly two years ago. There is no confirmed date for when it will reopen. 9to5Mac looked through various public statements to try and work out how long it may be until the famous cube reopens its doors.

The glass cube did return this past spring, but as October and November passed without an announcement, it became clear that the project had likely fallen behind schedule. At this point, it’s essentially impossible for Apple to reopen the store before the end of the year. Construction delays are not unprecedented, but for eager Apple fans, the reason for the delay is likely much less interesting than the actual reopening date. As of December 14th, New York City residents passing by the construction site report that much work remains to be done on the plaza surrounding the store. The cube’s Apple logo has not yet been reinstalled and Apple’s temporary store is still in service.

Check It Out: Speculation on When Apple’s Popular 5th Avenue Store Will Reopen

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