Apple Should Create an Apple TV Streaming Stick

There’s a rumor going around that Apple could have an Apple TV streaming stick in the works. But how likely is that?

On the surface, the idea makes sense: Streaming sticks are popular. For under $100, they’ll give your TV a zippy, modern interface, every app you could ask for, and coveted technologies like 4K resolution and HDR, all in a sleek and slim package. What’s more, Apple is pushing its new TV service and may be looking for an accessible way to peddle its new TV shows and movies.

I didn’t even know a streaming stick was a rumor, but now I want one. I think Mr. Waniata’s argument has a flawed premise though. His whole argument is based on how Apple probably wouldn’t make a cheap streaming stick. But the company could still create one and sell it at or near the price of an Apple TV. And I think it would still sell like hot cakes.

Check It Out: Apple Should Create an Apple TV Streaming Stick

One thought on “Apple Should Create an Apple TV Streaming Stick

  • New ATV 4 is too expensive for a lot for a lot of people for basic streaming. If you have multiple TVs in your home, this ATV is a non-starter for most of those rooms. I haven’t upgraded because of the price, have the ATV 3 and it works fine (expected for the random rebooting in the middle of a movie every couple of weeks…)

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