Whatever Happened to AirPower?

AirPower wireless charging mat with iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods

At the “Gather Round” September 2017 media event, Apple showed off the new iPhone 8, iPhone X, and AirPower wireless charging mat. You could charge your new iPhone, your Series 3 Apple Watch, and with a new case, your AirPods. We were told AirPower was coming “next year” which would be the nearly over 2018 and so far not a peep. I bring it up each time invitations go out for a media event, and still nothing. It bothers Rene Ritchie too, who put together AirPower’s history over at iMore, assembling all the tidbits thus far, and pondering AirPower’s future. Check out the piece for a thorough look at what we know about AirPower and an interesting take on its future. Here’s a snippet:

“Great artists ship.” “Apple ships.” Is one of the core tenants of the company. But, delays on everything from AirPods to HomePod, and most especially AirPower has put that tenant to the test. That might be why there were no special halo accessories announced alongside this year’s iPhone or iPad, New modular Mac Pro teased way back in 2017 not withstanding: Apple has learned the dangers of deviating from its ship-don’t-tell strategy, and the pain it can cause them when forecasts don’t match finish lines.

Check It Out: Whatever Happened to AirPower?

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