iCloud for Windows Update Fixes Compatibility Issues

iCloud for Windows has been updated, fixing the major compatibility issues that arose following an October 2018 Windows update. AppleInsider reported that users of the service had been stopped from updating to the latest version of Windows as many had run into problems whilst syncing or updating photos, Shared Albums and similar items. However, updated Apple documentation indicates the issue has now been fixed.

Earlier this month Microsoft took the unusual step of blocking iCloud users from upgrading to the latest version of Windows, as people were encountering problems syncing or updating items like photos and Shared Albums. Those trying to do a fresh install of iCloud after updating Windows ran into error messages. Apple doesn’t mention the fix in its release notes, but a support page now lists iCloud as compatible with “Windows 7 or later.

Check It Out: iCloud for Windows Update Fixes Compatibility Issues

One thought on “iCloud for Windows Update Fixes Compatibility Issues

  • I almost bought a Windows machine, but news like this makes me run away quick. This is pretty bad to have an issue like this with so many people using iCloud. Not long ago they had the update that deleted people’s files, but to be fair, this happened on the Mac at least once and updates that bricked iPhones and people lost photos and such (happened to me.)

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