John Biggs writes how the Apple Watch changed the world. Not just the watch industry, but people in general.

Watch analysts believe that Apple created a halo effect. Of the millions of people who bought and wore an Apple Watch, a majority had never worn or thought about wearing a watch. Once they tried the Apple Watch, however, and outfitted it with leather bands, fancy Milanese loops and outfit-matching colors, the attitude changed. If wearing watches is so fun and expressive, why not try other, more storied pieces?

Check It Out: Here’s How Apple Watch Changed The World

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  1. CudaBoy

    Apple watch is a side-of-fries. I love the spins the clones put out here. So what if they sell a boatload. They sell a boatload of Huwaii watches too. The watch failed miserably as a “thing” that Apple depended on as a great next product but no – as usual Apple made a compromised non-autonomous device useless to the majority of cell phone users because you needed an iPhone for functionality – give me a break. Watches just aren’t a “thing” guys, no matter how you spin it. Here in Hollywood I just don’t see them. Even the TV clones don’t wear them anymore.

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