How Apple Can Win the Education Market

Rachel Premack writes about how Google has dominated the education market, and how Apple and Microsoft can fight back.

When it comes to education software, which teachers and students use to manage assignments, deadlines, and documents, Apple is lacking — particularly compared to the super-popular and easy-to-use Google Classroom. That might cancel out its other strengths, said Avi Greengart, the research director for consumer devices at GlobalData.

I know everyone says this but I think the biggest thing holding Apple back in education is price.

Check It Out: How Apple Can Win the Education Market

One thought on “How Apple Can Win the Education Market

  • The market has spoken: cheap, crappy, locked-down Chromebooks with real keyboards are preferable to expensive iPads with touchscreens, because they are cheap, uninteresting to thieves, mediocre for games, cloud synced and instantly replaceable/interchangeable without software installation, and something you can type papers on.

    Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nintendo…. all of these companies are fighting to get as many children hooked on their products as early as possible and locked into their respective ecosystems for life, but Google is doing the best job in the classroom at the moment.

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