Apple Wins Prestigious Award for Device Accessibility

Apple has been given the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award from the Center for Hearing and Communication for its work towards creating accessible products for those living with disabilities. Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives, Sarah Herrlinger, will accept the prestigious award on behalf of the firm. Given the focus that Apple puts on diversity and accessibility, the award is likely to be a source of pride at 1 Infinite Loop. Indeed, in an interview with the CHC’s Director Laurie Hanin, Ms Herrlinger said: “Our products should reduce barriers so you can do just that, regardless of ability. This work is never done. But it’s exactly the kind of design and engineering challenge Apple was built for.”  AppleInsider rightly notes Apple’s long history with accessibility enabling technology:

The company has for years incorporated accessibility assets like VoiceOver screen reader technology and system-level integration with hearing aids in its iOS and Mac devices, and continues to make advancements toward improving the user experience for people living with hearing loss. In 2016, for example, Apple rolled out AirPods-style streaming and Live Listen support for Made For iPhone hearing aids.

Check It Out: Apple Wins Prestigious Award for Device Accessibility

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