Apple’s Fight Against Climate Change

Tech firms are increasingly focussed on being eco-friendly and reducing their contribution to climate change. Tim Cook has made it a key value of Apple’s. Wired looked at the progress that Apple and other tech firms are making in the fight against climate change, particularly in their data centers.

Apple breaks down the energy mix of its US data centers in its sustainability report, and that shows where real progress is being made. Its Newark, California data center pulls from the grid, but via that state’s Direct Access system Apple can buy directly from suppliers. There, it claims its energy is “mostly wind”, and takes that to mean there were no emissions. On the other hand, its Reno, Nevada data centre is 99 per cent powered by Apple’s own solar panels, with less than one per cent from purchase agreements — there’s no question where the power is coming from.

Check It Out: Apple’s Fight Against Climate Change

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  • Charlotte: Great article – thanks for sharing! Another fascinating factoid in the Wired article: “Research suggests about two to four per cent of carbon emissions are from computing, be it the internet or cloud computing or corporate data centres.”

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