Apple has chosen to take a steady, if slow, approach to home automation focusing on licensing, security, and no high-profile, fixed device like Amazon’s Echo & Dot. As a result, Reuters author Stephen Nellis observes: “Still, it’s not clear whether Apple’s elaborate but slow-to-develop system will have enough advantages to overcome Amazon’s widening lead.” The discussion starts on page 2 of Friday’s Particle Debris.

Check It Out: Apple’s Tortoise Races Amazon’s Hare for Home Automation Dominance

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  1. geoduck

    Not sure Apple’s slow and steady approach will matter. Outside of tech geeks I don’t really know of anyone installing computer based home automation. Not around here and none of the people I know back in Minnesota.

  2. CudaBoy

    Tortoise? You have to be in a race to be anything. Apple is NOT in the space, period – but nice clone-boy spin as usual. And don’t confuse Siri or Google Voice for that matter as ‘in the space’.

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