AT&T Sells its Stake In Hulu to Disney (and Comcast) for $1.43B

The Verge writes:

[It’s a] move that will now give Disney (which already had gained a controlling interest in Hulu through its Fox purchase) even more control going forward….

Disney gaining even more control over Hulu could also mean a radical shift in what Hulu even is.

Now, Disney owns 66 percent of Hulu. The remaining stakeholder is Comcast which, as a result, now owns 33 percent. Comcast owns NBCUniversal, and it might only be a matter of time before Comcast pulls its Hulu content back to its own streaming service. Soon, it appears, each and every studio will have its very own exclusive subscription service.

Check It Out: AT&T Sells its Stake In Hulu to Disney (and Comcast) for $1.43B

One thought on “AT&T Sells its Stake In Hulu to Disney (and Comcast) for $1.43B

  • We dropped Spectrum cable a couple of weeks ago due to the most recent price hike. We have been using Hulu and like the price (about half that of cable). The content is better than what we had except for lacking NESN for Red Sox games. Stupid MLB blackout for local team games makes their streaming service worthless. We can get NESN through YouTube TV but we prefer Hulu.

    My biggest gripe with both Hulu and YouTube is the interface. What is it with using big block buttons that results in constant scrolling? Why can’t they use a grid containing a Network listing on the left and time columns? It is really aggravating to scroll endlessly down or over to browse. Then you go to another row or column to scroll endlessly once more and see many of the same programs. Hulu is a little better; but still bothersome.

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