Audiophile Gives AirPods Max ‘B-‘ Score in Detailed Review

Space gray airpods max has given a detailed review of AirPods Max. Overall, while the conclusion says don’t get the headphones if you’re expecting US$500 sound quality, the headphones do get a score of B-.

But I’ll deviate a little for the sake of the “typical usecase” for the APM. After all, one does not buy an Apple headphone purely for sound quality, much like how one does not purchase an iMac for raw horsepower. Looking at the APM’s immediate competition, we have the two biggest ones: the Bose 700 ($350) and the Sony WH-1000XM4 (also $350). Effectively, the APM is a $200 premium over the two, so begs the question: can that be justified?

Check It Out: Audiophile Gives AirPods Max ‘B-‘ Score in Detailed Review

3 thoughts on “Audiophile Gives AirPods Max ‘B-‘ Score in Detailed Review

  • I agree, I find them more than satisfactory for my needs. My biggest quibble with the AirPods Pro are the cushions. My ear canals, at least the vestibules, seems to change diameter every few days. I would like the pods to sit a bit a deeper on the ear canal.

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