Facebook’s latest move is to display banners in its business apps saying there will be an impact to marketing efforts. In this case, the “users” that Mr. Espósito refers to in his article are the actual users—the advertisers. This banner is seen in Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Ads.  The problem with Facebook’s argument though is that, like Tim Cook tweeted, they can still track you across all the apps like before. What angers Mark Zuckerberg is user consent (sorry, product consent, products being the people that use Facebook).

The fact that Facebook is now showing these messages in its iOS apps criticizing Apple demonstrates that the company is trying to get popular appeal to change Apple’s mind about its new App Store privacy rules.

Check It Out: Facebook Warns of iOS 14 Privacy With App Banners

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  1. John Kheit

    Also I love how entitled zuck is to tel, Apple what to do with its platform when he didn’t let Apple engage with his own… because…say it with me now….it’s completely different when he does it

    • Lee Dronick

      if he doesn’t clean up his act then it will get cleaned up for him. Just be transparent about it Zuck and give us easier opt-outs. I understand the need for advertising, but I don’t like the targeting.

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