Huge 3.0 Update to ‘Sticky Widgets’ Brings Lists, Shortcuts Support

I love Sticky Widgets. These are widgets you can place on your iOS | iPadOS 14 or later home screens that act as sticky notes. It was recently updated to version 3.0 with some great new features. Lists. In addition to classic free-form notes, you can also create lists. Each item can be toggled on and off (even from medium and large-sized widgets) and adding to your list is just as simple as you’ve come to expect from Sticky Widgets. Set note names. A major usability feature, you can now give your notes names and use them to tie notes to widgets (instead of relying on an auto-assigned ID number). Create notes directly from the note list. No need to do the widget-based note creation process of the past (though you absolutely still can). Read or set notes from Shortcuts. Update your notes directly from a Shortcut action, and read your notes programmatically as well. Undo/redo. Mistype something or accidentally delete some of your note? The new undo/redo buttons are here to help. Import/export. For those important notes, you can now export your whole note library for safe keeping, importing them back to Sticky Widgets at a later time. Improved syncing. The entire cloud backup and syncing layer has been rewritten. Substantial design and Ul improvements. The whole app has had a touchup, especially the note editor with an all-new edge-to-edge design.

Speed Testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1

The latest beta of iOS 15 is available now for both developers and the public. The team over at Geeky Gadgets have put the newest build through its paces on a number of devices, both new and older. They’ve also compared boot-up times and app speeds to iOS 14.7.1 on the same devices. The results of speed testing iOS 15 Beta 6 and iOS 14.7.1 seem a bit surprising.

In the speed test with the iPhone XR the device running the new iOS 15 beta 6 was the first handset to boot up. There were no major speed improvements in the apps.

In the final speed test with the iPhone 11 the device running the iOS 14.7.1 softwarewas the first to boot up, there are no noticeable speed improvements in the apps.


Check Out These New iPhone Battery Wallpapers

Ben Vessey has released some new iPhone battery wallpapers as part of the Dynamo series. These wallpapers use shortcuts automation to automatically change depending on the state of your battery: Full, Low, and Charging. There are two new packs available: an album pack for music fans based on popular music icons; and a Mac-themed pack inspired by the Apple Macintosh. Each pack includes three sets of wallpapers optimized for the iPhone 6s and later. You install them using iCloud and Shortcuts running on iOS 14, with instructions included in the download.