Tidbits Managing Editor Josh Centers (#7) - BGM Interview

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Josh Centers on Background Mode.

Josh Centers is the managing editor of TidBITS, as well as the author of many Take Control Books: Notes, Home Automation, Apple TV, co-author of Take Control of Preview. He also published Take Control of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. And he’s recently joined The Prepared as an editor.

In his seventh appearance on the show, Josh explored the new faetures of iOS 14 and what he likes most—as he prepares for his forthcoming Take Control book. The App Libraries feature was at the top of his list. In segment two, Josh and I discussed a major, impressive research article he recently wrote about the often contentious relationship between developers and Apple and its handling of the App Store. We finished with thoughts on a next gen Apple TV 4K.

Set an Alarm In the Revamped iOS 14 Clock App

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Set an Alarm on iOS 14

An annoyance in how you set an alarm in the Clock app has been fixed. The rotating dial is gone, but the feature still isn’t perfect.

iOS 14 Features Could Hurt Facebook Ad Targeting

· Andrew Orr · Link

Facebook logo

iOS 14 features like “ask to track” could hurt Facebook’s ad targeting business, said Chief Financial Officer David Wehner.

With the update to its mobile devices, Apple will ask users if they want to let app developers track their activity across other apps and websites […] The change is expected to start impacting Facebook’s advertising in the third quarter but it will have a more pronounced effect in the fourth quarter, Wehner said.

I’m sure Facebook will find other ways to track people.

TestFlight Beta for NextDNS iOS 14 is Here

· Andrew Orr · Link

nextdns logo

NextDNS for iOS 14 is now available as a TestFlight beta. It uses the encrypted DNS feature introduced with iOS 14.

The first beta of NextDNS for iOS 14 is now available at:https://testflight.apple.com/join/AFDFPLP3

This version uses the new Encrypted DNS feature of iOS 14, removing the need for the fake-VPN trick used in iOS 13 and below.

The new iOS 14 feature means three things. First, DNS apps will no longer need to set up a fake VPN profile for you to use the service. Second, these DNS settings will work over cellular, whereas in the past it would only work over Wi-Fi unless you used said fake VPN profile. Third, this means that if you have a real VPN app, you can set it to use the OpenVPN protocol. Because of the fake VPN profile created by DNS apps, you had to use the IKEv2 VPN protocol if you wanted to use the VPN and DNS apps at the same time.

iOS 14: How to Create an Apple ID Recovery Key

· Andrew Orr · How-To

Apple key icon

An Apple ID recovery key is an extra layer of security for your account. But you can be permanently locked out if you lose it, so be careful.

Breaking up With Chrome is Hard, But Right, to do

· Charlotte Henry · Reporter's Notebook

Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Tests prove that Safari outperforms Google Chrome on a Mac. Because of that and the extra privacy, Charlotte is going to give it another try.