Update Lets You Set ProtonMail as Your Default Email App

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The latest update to encrypted email app ProtonMail fixes some random crashes and a synchronization bug in which changes made on the website wouldn’t be reflected within the app. And for people running iOS 14 you can now set ProtonMail as your default email app. This is important because ProtonMail is one of the most popular open source, end-to-end encrypted email services. It was founded by CERN scientists in 2013 and hosted in Switzerland, so it enjoys the country’s strong privacy laws. Open Settings and scroll down to ProtonMail. Tap it and you’ll see an option to set it as the default.

Update Lets You Set ProtonMail as Your Default Email App

iOS 14.3 to Suggest Third-Party Apps During Setup

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iOS 14 icon

iOS 14.3 is going to suggest third-party apps to users when they set up their iPhone or iPad. 9to5 Mac discovered a menu doing this in the latest beta version of the software.

This new section of the setup process is not intended to be shown to all users. Instead, the code says that it will be enabled only for some countries based on local laws. “In compliance with regional legal requirements, continue to view available apps to download,” the code says. It’s unclear in which regions Apple will enable this new feature, but it will most likely be first implemented in European Union countries.


How Restaurants Can Use iOS 14 App Clips During COVID-19

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Restaurant workers wearing masks.

Calvin Carter writes how restaurants can use iOS 14 App Clips to revamp the dining experience and keep customers safe.

If a restaurant uses kiosks for ordering, which the pandemic made essentially unusable, they can easily replicate that kiosk experience in an App Clip, allowing the customer to make and pay for their order without touching anything other than their phone.

For restaurants not wanting to invest in tabletop tablets or deal with the risk of infection, QR codes can instead be printed onto a bill to enable fast payments via Apple Pay integration in App Clips.

I look forward to see how businesses enhance their digital presence with tools such as App Clips.

OmniFocus Widgets for iOS 14 Arrive With Version 3.11

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OmniFocus widgets

Announced on Monday, OmniFocus widgets arrive with the 3.11 update. These let you access your most used perspectives and most timely action items. This includes: A Forecast widget with a calendar view for today and the days ahead; A Perspective Items widget with a list of upcoming items in a perspective of your choice.

Both of these are available in small, medium, and large widget sizes, and can have their font size customized to suit your needs. The update also includes a New Inbox Item widget—a large, friendly button for immediately opening OmniFocus to add a new item to your Inbox.

Emulation Apps Get JIT Compilation With iOS 14.2

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Person holding iPhone showing iOS 14 widgets

Emulation apps in iOS 14.2 receive Just In Time (JIT) compilation, meaning they can run at full speed.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll see emulation apps in the App Store, or even any other app using JIT. Testut told us that the current implementation works only for sideloaded apps, which are usually installed through Xcode and other developer tools instead of the App Store. In other words, this is a feature intended for developers with debugging purposes.

Safari 14 Translation Rolls Out to Brazil and Germany

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Filipe Espósito shares news that 9To5Mac readers in Brazil and Germany report they can use Safari 14’s built-in translation feature.

For some unknown reason, the Safari translator wasn’t available in all countries supported by the Translate app. Luckily this might have changed today, as multiple users from different countries reported that the Safari translator is now enabled for them.

Some 9to5Mac readers from countries like Brazil and Germany told us that the translating option is now working in Safari, which is something that has definitely changed today. I was able to confirm that the Safari translator is now working on my devices with the system region set to Brazil.

Speed Up iOS 14 on Older Devices

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Speed Up iOS 14 on Older Devices - Teaser

Nothing is worse than updating your iPhone or iPad and noticing it slowing down. Here are some ways to speed up iOS 14 on older devices.

Default iOS 14 Apps Reset After Updates

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Default iOS 14 Apps Reset After Updates - Featured

It’s nice being able to change default iOS 14 apps for email and browsing. Unfortunately, an iOS 14.1 bug is causing the setting to revert.