Safari 14 Translation Rolls Out to Brazil and Germany

· Andrew Orr · Link

Safari app icon

Filipe Espósito shares news that 9To5Mac readers in Brazil and Germany report they can use Safari 14’s built-in translation feature.

For some unknown reason, the Safari translator wasn’t available in all countries supported by the Translate app. Luckily this might have changed today, as multiple users from different countries reported that the Safari translator is now enabled for them.

Some 9to5Mac readers from countries like Brazil and Germany told us that the translating option is now working in Safari, which is something that has definitely changed today. I was able to confirm that the Safari translator is now working on my devices with the system region set to Brazil.

Speed Up iOS 14 on Older Devices

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Speed Up iOS 14 on Older Devices - Teaser

Nothing is worse than updating your iPhone or iPad and noticing it slowing down. Here are some ways to speed up iOS 14 on older devices.

Default iOS 14 Apps Reset After Updates

· Jeff Butts · Product News

Default iOS 14 Apps Reset After Updates - Featured

It’s nice being able to change default iOS 14 apps for email and browsing. Unfortunately, an iOS 14.1 bug is causing the setting to revert.

Deezer Launches Two New iOS 14 Widgets

· Charlotte Henry · Product News

Deezer iOS 14 widgets

Music and podcast playing service Deezer has unveiled two new iOS 14 widgets called ‘Songcatcher’ and ‘Flow’.

Widgets, Wi-Fi, and Big Sur — Mac Geek Gab 839

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

The fall is a crazy ride for Apple users. New hardware, new software, lots of changes, and more. John and Dave are right there with you to answer your questions, share tips, and dissect the new technology to help us all understand everything better. Listen this week as your two favorite geeks answer some Wi-Fi questions, share Cool Stuff Found, and revisit Big Sur as it surely gets closer to release time. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

Privacy Advocates Call on Tim Cook to to Implement iOS 14 Privacy Features

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Tim Cook at antitrust hearing

Ranking Digital Rights, along with seven other organizations, sent a letter [PDF] to Apple CEO Tim Cook, urging the company to implement iOS 14 privacy features that are delayed until 2021.

Apple has the opportunity to reinforce its position as an industry leader on protecting the privacy of its users by empowering them to control who can track their online behavior. At the same time, this change can and should enable the company to become more transparent about how it enforces its terms against apps that violate its policies. By delaying the introduction of crucial privacy measures, the company is slowing the momentum it created.

iPhone 12 Surprise: Not All 5G Created Equal

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

5G wireless and iPhone 12

As we may have already guessed, 5G wireless means whatever the carriers want it to mean. Clarification is in order.