iOS 14.5 Introduces ‘App Store’ Tab to Watch App

Apple Watch App Store Tab

The latest developer beta of iOS 14.5 indicates that the ‘Discover’ tab in the Watch app will be replaced. It is named ‘App Store’ and eliminates some of the steps for getting software for your Apple Watch.

App Store Tab for Apple Watch

Previously, a link to the App Store was just one of the options in the ‘Discover’ tab. The redesigned tab takes you directly there in iOS 14.5. When users first load it, an on-screen message, shown above, reads:

The App Store, Now on Apple Watch. Buy, search and browse right on your wrist.

Tapping on the tab brings up apps that work with your Apple Watch within the App Store. Of course, the App Store also remains on the wearable itself.

In iOS 14.4 the equivalent tab is called Discover. There are various tips in there, instead of simply being about access to the App Store.

Watch App in iOS 14.4

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