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Today the “we” is three with the return of Pilot Pete! The content is the same, only better, as Pete ensures your two favorite geeks complete their explanations for you. Topics today include Time Machine, Watch battery drain, airplanes, and of course your favorite Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with John, Dave, and Pete!

TMO Staff Preorders – TMO Daily Observations 2021-09-15

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

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Dave Hamilton and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss what they are (and aren’t) ordering from yesterday’s announcements.

A Larger Apple Watch Screen Means More Informational Faces

· Andrew Orr · Link

Bob march wearing Apple Watch

Rumors claim that the Apple Watch Series 7 released Fall 2021 will have bigger screens. As Mark Gurman reports, this means watch faces can add more information.

The bigger model will have a resolution of 396 by 484, versus 368 by 448 on the model it’s replacing. That increase means the device will have about 16% more pixels, allowing it to show more so-called complications — an industry term for the bits of information that appear on watches. The smaller model will see a similar jump, but both watches will have thinner borders around the screens.

Man Says Apple Watch Fall Alert Saved His Life

· Charlotte Henry · Link

Apple Watch fall detection

Over the years, we’ve heard various stories about how the Apple Watch has helped save people in danger – sometimes it’s been about heart rate alerts, other times the ability to contact people, even when separated from the paired iPhone. In a new story, one man told People how the device’s fall alert system helped him be found quickly after collapsing in a hospital toilet.

At one point during his visit, Schneider said he asked to use the restroom — but the events that followed are a complete blur to him. “While I was in the bathroom I went unconscious and fell to the ground, where I apparently slammed my head, fracturing my skull and suffering an emergent brain bleed,” he explained. Luckily, Schneider was wearing an Apple Watch at the time — a smart device he believes was part of the reason that he survived. “I was only found unconscious so soon after the fall because my Apple Watch detected a hard fall, calling 911 and sent an emergency notification to my emergency contacts after I failed to respond to the prompt on my watch,” he wrote in the post.