How to Flash Your iPhone’s LED from Your Apple Watch

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As you may know, you can use your Apple Watch to locate your iPhone through the magic of its Control Center. To get there, swipe up from the bottom of your watch face.

Swipe up on the Apple Watch Face to see Control Center

Modular face 4-eva.

Once Control Center opens, scroll down until you find the little vibratey-phone-icon thing.

Apple Watch Control Center showing the "Ping your iPhone" button

If you tap that, it’ll play a loud sound through your iPhone to help you find it, which works even if the device is muted; however, you can press and hold on this icon as well. When you do so, not only will it give you the same annoying beeping noise, it’ll also flash the iPhone’s LED. This could be important for those of you with hearing loss, for example.

I guess if you wanted to flash the iPhone’s LED without making any associated noise, you could consider opening your Watch’s camera app, pressing firmly on the screen to turn the flash on, and then taking a picture. I can’t imagine why that’d be important, but I dunno. Maybe you’ve got a sleeping baby and you often lose your phone in dark rooms. Maybe you’re trying to avoid waking the Christmas demon that lives under your bed. Whatever works for you!

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When I try to locate my phone, the ping works, but when I hold down, it does not flash the LED. I’m bummed because it is such a neat feature. My watch is series 3, but from all of the hidden feature videos I’ve seen, this feature should be included as well. Do you happen to know how to fix it?

I figured it out!! (after posting this)
I was literally not holding down long enough!

Lee Dronick

This could be important for those of you with hearing loss, for example.

My wife is totally deaf, when not wearing her cochlear devices, and my ears are 67 years old.

I wish that the Find iPhone accuracy was done to within a foot.😀


Who knew? Thanks so much. How many times have I gone in search for my Space Gray SE enclosed in a black case and hear the pinging alarm that sounds like a hammer striking one’s head the morning after a long night, but be unable to find the offending device in the abyss where it has landed, never to be seen but only heard. The flashing light is maybe one of the best little known ‘features’ on the phone.