A Son Designed an Apple Watch App To Help His Dad With PTSD Nightmares

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NightWare Apple Watch PTSD nightmare app

Iraq veteran Patrick Skluzacek had seen his life ruined by PTSD nightmares so bad that he feared closing his eyes. NPR has the tale of how his son, Tyler, developed an Apple Watch app to help break this cycle. Called NightWare, it was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Tyler was a senior at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minn., in 2015 when he heard about a computer hackathon being held in Washington, D.C. Developers come together over an intense few days to build prototypes to tackle a specific problem. This particular hackathon focused on developing mobile applications to help people with PTSD. Tyler scraped together his on-campus job earnings and bought a ticket to Washington. During the hackathon, he put together a team to program a smartwatch to detect the onset of night terrors based on the wearer’s heart rate and movement.. The idea, Tyler says, was to use technology to imitate something service dogs were already doing — recognizing a traumatic nightmare and then nudging or licking the person to disrupt the bad dream. He thought the smartwatch could do this with a gentle vibration.

watchOS 7.1 For Apple Watch Now Available

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watchOS 7.1 update

Apple has released watchOS 7.1, which brings a host of improvements to the Apple Watch, including headphone volume alerts.

BatteryPro Portable Charger for iPhone and Apple Watch: $79.99

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BatteryPro Portable Charger for iPhone & Apple Watch

We have a deal on BatteryPro, a portable charger for both iPhone and Apple Watch. It features ann .,8,000 mAh capacity internal battery, a USB-A port, and an integrated Apple Watch charging puck. It also has a strap that will hold your Apple Watch in place if you’re on the move. This device is $79.99 through our deal.

YouTube Music Debuts on Apple Watch

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Google announced on Thursday that the YouTube Music app is available on the Apple Watch, letting users browse music collections.

Why Third-Party Apple Watch Faces Are Forbidden

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3rd party Watch Faces are forbidden

Only Apple can create and deliver Apple Watch faces. A former Apple engineer explains why third-party Apple Watch faces are forbidden.

iPhone 12 Surprise: Not All 5G Created Equal

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5G wireless and iPhone 12

As we may have already guessed, 5G wireless means whatever the carriers want it to mean. Clarification is in order.