Augmented Reality is the Mirrorworld

Kevin Kelly writes how augmented reality will become a mirrorworld; That is, an exact replica of the physical world we will interact with.

The mirrorworld—a term first popularized by Yale computer scientist David Gelernter—will reflect not just what something looks like but its context, meaning, and function. We will interact with it, manipulate it, and experience it like we do the real world.

I firmly believe that AR can be as revolutionary as the internet. We just need an AR device that will dominate peoples’ lives to the point where everyone will wear a headset all the time.

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One thought on “Augmented Reality is the Mirrorworld

  • Naaahhhh, short sighted as per usual. Who said you would ever have to wear a headset?
    We can already “see” visually what the brain is conjuring albeit at fuzzy resolution and vice versa. You will have an implant a nano sized receiver/transmitter is all, and all information will go directly to the cortex – no dumb headset needed. Even Ready Player:One (movie) which depicts kids in an AI world – basically today’s social media on steroids – is to me funny because of the clunky headsets…but visually and conceptually the movie portends a possible future pretty darn realistically, imo. ⏱

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