Better Embedding The Camera Into Apps

Lots of apps have camera functionality. It normally takes a couple of steps to use it though. M.G. Siegler is fed up with it and wants a solution.

What I really want in a mobile OS is the ability to fire up the camera, take a picture, and launch apps and/or services from there based on that picture. A good example: I’ve been using an app called Vivino to track the wine we’re drinking and/or buying. Why on Earth do I need to load Vivino, then hit the camera button inside the Vivino app to take the photo? This is slow. Beyond swiping and pecking for the app itself, it takes a few seconds to load.

Check It Out: Better Embedding The Camera Into Apps

One thought on “Better Embedding The Camera Into Apps

  • I like where he is going with this idea. But it’s a bit more complicated to achieve. Just to take his example of Vivino. I also use this app, but how would the camera know when it sees a wine bottle, if I meant to share it with Vivino or if I took the picture to post It to Facebook to show a special occasion? Or what if I want to share it with both?

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