Block Your Webcams with These Magnetic Covers

Nope Webcam Covers

We have a very timely deal for you today on Nope Webcam Covers. If you want something more elegant than Stickies or tape to cover your webcams, Nope Webcam Covers stick to your Mac and rotate to cover your webcam when you aren’t using it. For $14.99, you’ll get two Nope and four Nope Minis, and you can choose your finish (Gunmetal, Silver, or Silver and Gunmetal). Check out the details on the deal listing.

Check It Out: Block Your Webcams with These Magnetic Covers

3 thoughts on “Block Your Webcams with These Magnetic Covers

  • The answer is…no.

    I tried a couple of refrigerator magnets, one of those flexible rubber ones, and a more compact button magnet. Neither would stick to the MacBook. Only the button magnet would kind-of hold to my iMac, but not over the camera. It would only stay in place an inch or so to either side of the camera.

    I’m guessing they are using a really strong rare-earth magnet, or something.

  • Interested me: That’s cool. I never knew you could stick a magnet to the front of the Mac. This is far better than my dab of electrical tape.
    Cheap-ass me: I wonder if a refrigerator magnet would do the same thing.

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