Space Tourism, Thanks to Blue Origin, is Almost Ready

What Bue Origin customers might see in person.

Wired has a nifty article about Blue Origin, the Jeff Bezos company that will soon take tourists into space. The rocket is called New Shepard. “Starting next year, Bezos plans to use New Shepard to send passengers on jaunts into space. Clad in cool Star Trek–style jumpsuits, customers will settle into a comfy capsule and shoot up over the atmosphere for a quick peek at their home planet through panoramic windows and a few moments of weightless ecstasy. Though Blue Origin hasn’t announced the fee, it’s been reported to be a couple hundred thousand dollars per head, and Bezos anticipates ramping up quickly to a few flights a week.” 

Check It Out: Space Tourism, Thanks to Blue Origin, is Almost Ready

3 thoughts on “Space Tourism, Thanks to Blue Origin, is Almost Ready

  • Scientific and commercial space travel are fine. Space tourism is OBSCENE for too many obvious reasons. Get a nice dose of ionizing radiation which is all but good, increase your chance of cancer, increase the risk of dying on an accident, and pay thousands of dollars for the ticket. Besides burning precious fuel that could be used in the chemical manufacturing industry, contaminating and thus destroying nature and contributing to the climate change global warming (rocket) or wasting precious and scarce helium. Get sick. Really sick. Space turism is obscene. Meanwhile, 30 million people die of hunger every year worldwide. Stupid humans? Sadly, it seems so. What a shame!

    1. Morons wouldn’t have the funds to take such a trip; so flat earthers won’t shut up because they won’t believe those who do witness it. Kinda like “doubting Thomas” who didn’t believe his fellow disciples. I have always thought of flat earth believers as attention seekers.

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