CarPlay is fantastically useful, but new research reported on by AppleInsider suggests that it could severely limit your reaction time.  The study for UK road safety charity IAM RoadSmart showed that in-vehicle infotainment systems can impair drivers’ reactions even more than cannabis or alcohol do.

Regardless of the infotainment system, all users showed significantly slowed reaction time. Undistracted drivers typically showed a one-second reaction time. Those who used the voice-controlled Apple CarPlay saw a 36% increase in their reaction time, which rose to 57% when they used the touch interface. Android Auto users faired only slightly better—a 30% increase in reaction time when using voice control, and 53% when using touch controls. For comparison, those who drive under the influence at the drink-drive limit showed a 12% increase in reaction time, and those who used cannabis saw a 21% increase.

Check It Out: CarPlay Slows Driver Reactions Even More Than Alcohol, Study Finds

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  1. pjs_boston

    It seems strange that there is no measurement of change in reaction time when interfacing with a traditional car stereo system or cabin ventilation controls. I suspect that the effect is about the same as when using CarPlay or Android Auto…

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