Documentary photographer Manfredi Gioacchini is documenting climate change in Antarctica. His tool? An iPhone.

“Most of the usage was related with video recording, in fact the audio of the new phone is incredible,” says the photographer. “That’s important in matters of the climate change… capturing the sounds of icebergs breaking down…”

He also managed to take advantage of the phone’s Night Mode, though it wasn’t necessary for most of the trip, since the sun never dipped below twilight. Scroll down to see Manfredi’s photos for yourself.

Important work, and also beautiful.

Check It Out: Manfredi Gioacchini Used an iPhone to Document Climate Change in Antarctica

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    This is great stuff; not simply from a scientific documentation perspective, but from an artistic one as well, that even more than science, will inspire a new generation of exploration and discovery, and help to win the battle for hearts and minds in a time when truth and facts about a global crisis are under assault.

    There is another point, equally salient, regarding Apple’s products, specifically the post Mac products like the iPhone. There are still people who deride these iOS and watchOS devices, and even some of the Mac models, as ‘toys’, and who fail to see their value as tools of science and art that contribute to reshaping society, culture and our future; tools that, unlike most of those in the 20th Century, democratise participation and contribution to societal advancement and well-being. Such criticism speaks more to these critics’ imagination, creativity, and the acumen to appreciate opportunity in realtime than it does to anything about these devices, or about those who know how to exploit them to full effect.

    Many thanks for sharing this.

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