The iPhone 11 Camera is Completely New

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In Part 1 of a multi-part series, Sebastiaan de With wrote an article about the iPhone 11 camera and how it’s completely new.

It’s true: The great advances in camera quality for these new iPhones are mostly to blame on advanced (and improved) software processing.

I’ve taken some time to analyze the iPhone 11’s new image capture pipeline, and it looks like one of the greatest changes in iPhone cameras yet.

Deep Fusion Appears in Latest iOS Developer Beta

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Apple’s Deep Fusion technology blends multiple photo exposures together in a way that gives you more details than regular HDR. It requires the A13 chip so it only works on the iPhone 11 models. It appeared in the developer beta that was released today.

On wide lens shots, it will start to be active just above the roughly 10 lux floor where Night Mode kicks in. The top of the range of scenes where it is active is variable depending on light source. On the telephoto lens, it will be active in all but the brightest situations where Smart HDR will take over, providing a better result due to the abundance of highlights…

The overall result, Apple says, results in better skin transitions, better clothing detail and better crispness at the edges of moving subjects.

This is some “next level” stuff for iPhone photographers, and I can’t wait to see comparisons of Deep Fusion: On versus Deep Fusion: Off photos.

Motif App Lets You Create Photo Books on iOS

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Motif Photos, an app available on macOS and iPadOS, was recently added to iOS. It lets you create photo books on iOS and have them shipped to you. It syncs directly with your camera roll and gives you some templates to get started with.

Great stories begin with the best photos. Motif’s intelligent technology automatically analyzes each of your photos. It checks focus, clarity, lighting, people, faces, image orientation, panoramas, duplicates, and much more. Only the best images are recommended to build your Motif photo book.

Motif can automatically flow your best photo images through 80+ professionally built layouts. It balances image orientations and optimizes image centering and cropping. In seconds, review your personalized photo project, with layered texture, diverse layout, and exceptional design.

Prices start at US$10 for softcover books and US$20 for hardcover books. App Store: Motif – Free

Hipstamatic Has a New App Called Hipstamatic X

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary Hipstamatic will release a new app this Tuesday called Hipstamatic X.

The anniversary app will bring some of the simple, original analog charm of the first app as well as a stable of old-school cameras, from Pinhole to Tintype. It will also include a new Eazy Camera, which uses machine learning to automatically apply an appropriate filter. The app is currently available through TestFlight until Tuesday, when it is released for download on the App Store.

I look forward to downloading it. Before I became a VSCO girl I was a Hipsta boy.

Winners of 12th iPhone Photography Awards Announced

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The winners of the 12th iPhone Photography Awards have been announced, chosen from thousands of entries.

The grand prize winner is Gabriella Cigliano of Italy for her entry “Big Sister,” shot on an iPhone X in Zanzibar, Africa: Last year I spent a month in Wasa, Tanzania, teaching a class of young, curious and amazing guys. Before heading back to Italy we stopped in Zanzibar, where this photo was taken.

Stabilize Your Phone, Switch Shooting Positions and More with This Innovative Gimbal: $99

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Check out our deal on the VILTA-SE (Special Edition) 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer. As the name says, it’s a 3-axis, handheld gimbal for stabilizing your iPhone (and Android device) videos. This model allows you to seamlessly switch your phone between landscape and portrait modes, adjust your shot’s focus manually via the built-in focus wheel, and stow/transport it with a magnetic locking mechanism. It’s $99 through our deal. The promo video below shows the device in action.

Add Lens Flares, Rain, Fog, and More to Photos With Lens Distortions

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For the past three years, Lens Distortions has been part of my photography toolkit. It’s an app that provides you with ways to spruce up your images. You can add lens flares, fake rain, fake fog, fake snow, sparkle effects, and more to your photos. Adding stuff like that can feel like cheating, but if done sparingly and subtly, it can enhance. As the app description puts it: Frame your subject with elegant glass textures. Punctuate your shots with natural sunlight and lens flares. Create atmospheric depth with genuine rain or fog. Lens Distortion gives you the highest quality ingredients to craft the look you want. All of the overlays are created by optically-capturing real-world elements. They are displayed in gallery view, which allows you to see all the filters side-by-side and select the best one for your image. You can easily make an effect stand out for a bold look or blend in for just the right amount of subtle complexity. Sometimes the best effects are ones no one knows you added… Lens Distortions signature effects are hiding in plain sight in the images of many of today’s top photographers. The company also provides desktop tools as well. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Add Lens Flares, Rain, Fog, and More to Photos With Lens Distortions