Anker’s iPhone LED Flash Available to Preorder

Anker has an LED flash accessory for iPhone photographers that plugs into the Lightning port. It’s Made For iPhone (MFi) certified and is now available to preorder.

Anker LED Flash

The company says it’s up to four times brighter than the iPhone’s built-in flash, and it has twice the range. The device is compatible with Apple’s camera app as well as third-party apps. It can take over 10,000 photos on a single charge, and Flashlight mode gives you video lighting for up to 50 minutes. Once it’s depleted you can recharge it in 75 minutes.

Anker LED flash

It comes with a silicone diffuser, a travel pouch, and free 18-month warranty. You can buy it on Amazon for US$49.99 and it will be in stock January 25, 2020.

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