CES – Danby Stops Porch Pirates with Danby Parcel Guard

LAS VEGAS, NV — Parcel theft, or “porch pirates” are an increasing issue in many areas.  They will take your parcel shortly after it’s been delivered, or when you’re not home.  Danby can help secure your parcels and even catch a thief with the technologies in Danby Parcel Guard.

Mike Schulz, Sales Director, gave us an overview of the various technologies.  On the low tech side, the box itself is made of industrial grade plastic, and can be bolted or weighed down to prevent theft, and is locked.  Some of the higher tech includes wi-fi connected smart tech with a motion sensor, camera and alarm, allowing you to get a video of the thief.

Danby Parcel Guard App

An app is available that will provide notifications when a delivery or theft attempt is made.  The electronic lock can be operated by the app or via keypad access.

Danby Parcel Guard

The Danby Parcel Guard is available now for $399 USD.  The Basic version, with no smarts but still secure is also available for $199 USD.

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