CES – Pokit Shows Pokit Meter and Pokit Pro – App-Supported Multimeters

LAS VEGAS, NV —  Pokit Innovations showed their Pokit Meter and new Pokit Pro multimeter, both of which are app supported, at CES Unveiled 2020.  Paul Moutzouris, CEO gave us a demonstration of Pokit Meter, and the enhancements being made to the Pokit Pro.

The Pokit Meter of course has two probes to measure various values, depending on what mode it is in.  There’s a multimeter mode, which can measure common items like voltage, current, resistance, polarity, continuity and temperature.  There’s an oscilloscope mode, which can show coupling, current, a spectrum analyzer, triggers and cursors.  Finally, there’s the logger mode, which can collect coupling, current and temperature data.

Pokit Meter and App

Pokit Meter has a battery and used a wireless connection to communicate with the App.  It does have some limits, such as a maximum DC voltage measurement of 60 V DC and 42 V AC, and a maximum current measurement of 2 A.  The Pokit Meter is available now for $89 USD.

Pokit Pro

The Pokit Pro offers several enhancements to the original.  It has a pen form factor versus a small disc.  It offers a rechargeable battery versus a coin cell.  It has a torch (light) to help you see what you’re doing.  The amount of data it can log is increased from 64 KB to 256 KB.  The limits of the voltage and current you can measure are enhanced, being able to measure up to 600 V DC and 600 V AC, and 10 A of current.  Pokit Pro should be released in Q2 2020 for $94 USD, and the company is running an Indiegogo campaign to support it.

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