Elios Combines GPS Tracking and Battery Technology for New Product

Las Vegas, NV — At CES Unveiled 2000, Josh Cross, Founder and CEO of Elios, demonstrated a new product which combines the benefit of their GPS and battery expertise.

Elios GPS Trackable Power Bank

The Elios GPS Trackable Power Bank begins with a 10,000 mAh battery, which should be enough to charge most phones three times.  While having enough battery to charge your phone is great in an emergency, it’s the GPS tracking features that really make this device shine.

Elios App with Real-Time Tracking

The Elios App offers Real-Time Tracking to help find locate the owner.  There’s also a Movement Alarm, which will send you an alert of the bag, car, backpack, package or asset moves.  You can also define a Geo-Fence, and get a notification if the tracker enters or leaves the boundary you define.  A SOS Panic on the tracker, when pressed, can send a message and GPS location to a list of contacts, or local law enforcement.

Finally, there’s Track Share feature which sends an email with a link to a secured interactive map of your whereabouts.  The device creates a GPS trail showing your path, speed of travel, and more.  This can be used to alert friends or family if you are meeting someone for the first time, on your way home from work, hiking the backcountry, or on a road trip.

The GPS Trackable Power Bank will be available Q1 2020 for $159 USD.

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