VSCO Adds a New Feature to Create Videos Called ‘Montage’

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VSCO announced a new feature Wednesday called Montage. It’s a tool that lets users create multimedia videos.


At first the feature reminded me of Apple’s Moments feature in Photos, where it combines photos and video clips into one final video. But Montage is more than that. You can stack and layer multiple photos, colors, and shapes to create a video collage.

Screenshots of VSCO montage

To get started, when you’re in the main view of the app called Studio, just tap on a bunch of photos to get started. At the top you’ll see ‘Create a video story with Montage.” Tap the start button and you’ll first choose one of three aspect ratios: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9.

Then, tap Media to start adding photos, videos, and shapes. You can create multiple scenes each with their own unique content to create a video. There’s no limit to the number of scenes you can add. Once you save it you can share it to VSCO or to another platform.

All users can use the Montage tool but only members can save and post a Montage video. The VSCO X membership is US$19.99/year.

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