Apple Subsidiary Launches Claris Connect

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Claris launched its new Claris Connect workflow tool on Tuesday. It aims to help small and medium-sized businesses conquer automation challenges.

Claris Connect Goes Live

The service lets firms automate connections between popular enterprise software like Trello, Slack, and Box without having to turn to custom code. It does not matter if those services are in the cloud, on the premises or even on a specific device. There are 50 “connectors,” such as the aforementioned software and services like MailChimp, available at launch.

Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris, said:

The right path to being cloud first is to be cloud smart. That means giving problem solvers all the power of the cloud – sharing, rapid deployment, scalability – without losing connection to the real world. For more than 20 years, Claris has been the go-to solution to deliver apps that fit the white space between existing applications. Today, Claris Connect offers the best way to connect critical cloud applications with the real, physical world of devices, servers and sensors.

Users can quickly add services to be automated, and use built-in templates too. There are also tools like data transformation, approvals, and webhooks for custom API integration available. Furthermore, Claris Connect is built with some key security functionality included, such as end-to-end encryption, HSM key management, OAuth, MFA, and AI-based key protection.  Plans begin at $99 a month.

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